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Discover delicious and easy recipes that adds a fresh twist to your favourite cut of meat - in this one and only e-book dedicated to filet mignon!

Whether you're a beginner who has trouble boiling water or an advanced cook looking for a new twist, you'll learn how to create absolutely mouthwatering gourmet filet mignon dishes…GUARANTEED!

From the kitchen counter

Dear friend,

You’ve found your way here because:

  • the meat is already defrosting on the kitchen counter and you’re wondering what to do next

  • you’re tired of the one minute steak that you’ve been subjecting you and your family to

  • you’ve just spent more money on a piece of raw meat that you would on a dozen hamburger patties and you don’t want to mess it up

  • you’re planning a very special meal for that very special someone and it needs to be fantastic

You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to bestfiletmignonrecipe.com. You have the opportunity to hold in your hands in less than 4 ½ minutes the only book dedicated to the simple, but totally delicious preparation of the world’s favourite cut of meat.

Whether you’re looking for

  • simply the best way to cook filet mignon

  • looking for an easy fool proof sauce, marinade or rub for your filet mignon

  • simple step by step directions to grilling or BBQing your filet mignon

  • alternatives to your current cooking style (roast, bake or broil)

  • nutritional info on filet mignon

Look no further!

I’ve been there. Eating steaks that were so tasteless that all the salt in the jar on the table didn’t seem to help the taste or had steaks that were so overcooked and tough that even the family dog wouldn’t want it to chew on.

The perfect filet mignon can seem like such a mystery. The right cut, cooked to the perfect temperature, and a marinade that makes the meat just melt in your mouth….

This experience can now be yours too!

My name is Jenny Hong and for the past 11 years (and counting) my friends and family have had the exclusive opportunity to eat only the finest of filet mignon prepared by my husband Sam. A classical violist with a masters degree in performance by day and a seriously dedicated passionate amateur gourmet chef by night. All without exception swear hands downs that it’s the best filet mignon they’ve ever had.

How serious is he about his cooking?

Well, for starters cooking for the family since the age of ten, Sam had developed very discerning tastes buds growing up in Hong Kong and being exposed to the flavours and food of the east and west. Today, if asked what he wants for his birthday he always asked for a new kitchen gadget or a gift certificate to buy the latest cookbook.

Oh by the way, I haven’t mentioned the books yet… He currently subscribes to all the major gourmet food magazines and has a ever growing collection of cookbooks part of which you can see here. These babies by the way, are not your 5.99 one meal dish cookbooks that you pick up at the checkout at the grocery store.

Some of these books which are published by the top cooking schools in North America cost over 100 dollars each! So, you have to be serious if you’re going to be buying this kind of stuff!

He can tell you inside of 30 seconds by looking at a recipe whether or not it’s really going to work and if there are ingredients they are not telling you about (for example, trade secrets so that it’s not going to taste restaurant grade)

We do out go from time to time for special meals, but while I’m going for the atmosphere and a night out without the kids, he goes just to figure out how the chefs cook their dishes!

So, he’s obviously a great cook!
How is that going to help me?

While he loves to delve into trying exotic ingredients and experimenting with different combinations for his food, Sam has always been dedicated to the simplicity of basic ingredients and simple straightforward cooking methods that anyone can achieve.

My point was proven when one of our good friends Diane and Colin called one evening saying they were going over to a friend’s house for filet mignon and could they have the recipe. Over the phone in 10 minutes, Sam explained and voila! We heard back that it was a total hit!!

Which brings me to you…

You’ll be a star!!

Impress your friends and family with these gourmet quality recipes. While ridiculously simple to follow, it won’t feel like you read the abridged copy of the novel and were left without the “meat”.

Save money!

You know that a decent filet mignon “out there” will cost anywhere between 30 to 75 bucks per plate. This money done by yourself would allow you to cook for

Peace of mind knowing that you’re eating healthy.

Who said healthy food has to taste “blah”? Every ingredient called for in these simple, straight-forward recipes is the real deal. No butter or oil substitutes here.

You’ll know exactly what’s in your food! You’ll understand and most likely have ingredient on hand.

Recipes so easy to follow you’ll no longer live in fear of making a mistake!

Every recipe in this e-book is so simple that even a beginner or the most culinary challenged person can make it. You won’t get stopped by jargon that will make you think that this recipe is for a pro.

While the basic recipe only has ingredients only has five steps there’s nothing basic about the taste. You won’t get confused with a daunting 20 step recipe. So it can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

All the guesswork has been taken out. You won’t have to go through 20 different recipes that all call for a different measurement of salt. Sam has done all the work for you. You can just enjoy the experience of cooking without having to worry!

Save time

No calls for valerian root here. You won’t have to run out and buy 15 odd ingredients with these recipes. The original delicious recipe has only 6 ingredients!

Also, unlike most recipes for filet mignon there are no 5 hour refridgerate wait times. You can mix it add your filet mignon and off to the grill you go!

You’ll have time to relax and put up your feet before your special guests or guests arrive! 30 minutes from start to finish. No need to take three hours to prepare this recipe.

It’s like having your cake and eating it too! Saves you years in research. You won’t have to invest hundreds of dollars and hours in figuring which recipe works best.

There’s no other book like it!!

It is truly the a to z of cooking filet mignon. This e-book will answer your almost every questions and then some.

All this time saving information will give you time to concentrate on other things!

Here are just a few of the many, many things you will find in this e-book:

  • The single best way to cook filet mignon

  • The simplest, 5 minute and clearly the tastiest marinade

  • The number one way to ensure that the meat you bought from the butcher is fresh

For the more advanced, you will learn:

  • How to age your beef so that it melts in your mouth

  • What the fastest way to clean a whole tenderloin

  • Where’s the best place to buy meat?

Just for trying these amazing recipes, I’ll throw in these valuable bonuses worth 69 dollars!!:

Super Bonus #1

Prepare the perfect side dishes & desserts to compliment your perfect filet mignon (value $25)

Not only does this e-book offer you all the information you could every want about your main dish, it’s focused to helping you to effortlessly create a total meal.

You won’t have to consult another five books to figure out whether your sides dishes and desserts compliment your masterfully created filet mignon. This will give you enough time to get the flowers for your table setting.


Super Bonus #2

Transform your dinner with perfect wine pairing ($19 value)

Here’s another great timer saver for you! Sam’s best suggestions in all price ranges to pair the perfect wine to your amazing filet mignon dinner.


Super Bonus #3

Create the an amazing atmosphere for your dinner with “How to set the perfect table for 3 themes” ($25 value)

From the meanings of flowers to the proper way to set up your place setting. This classic creates the perfect atmosphere for your lovely dinner.

“Makes Your Tummy Happy” Guarantee

This e-book comes with a no-questions, no-quibbles, 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you find that this e-book isn’t perfect for you, just send it back any time within 30 days, and I’ll buy it back from you at the full purchase price. You have a whole month to try it out with out any obligation to keep it – to make sure that it is everything we say and more.

So what are you waiting for?

“How to cook a mouthwatering gourmet filet mignon in 43 mintues” at the special introductory price of $19.97 for the first 247 customers. After that, it will be available for $29.97.

You have nothing to lose and
only a happy tummy to gain!

What are you waiting for?

Every day you suffer needlessly with bland tasting beef made at home and paying too much for a better tasting version at home.

For instance, let's say that if you were try just one recipe and it tasted 10 times better than what you made before and even just as good as what was out there you would have paid for the cost of your book 5 times over!

After just a handful of meals you would have saved yourself hundreds of dollars, Now, compare that will the small cost of $19.97. It just doesn't make sense to procrastinate.

And with my Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Start making your mouthwatering filet mignon today!


Jenny Hong
“How to cook a mouthwatering gourmet filet mignon in 43 minutes!”

P.S. Remember with my Risk-Free Make Your Tummy Happy Guarantee there’s no reason not to give this a try.

P.P.S. This introductory special price of $19.97 is available for the first 247 customers.

P.P.S.S. Order NOW to download your copy. It doesn't matter if it's 2:30 in the morning!


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